Rossmann opens 200 new branches after sales boom

The drugstore business is booming, one profiteer: Rossmann. The chain was able to increase its sales significantly in 2021. Now she wants to further expand her branch network.

The Rossmann drugstore chain plans to open around 200 new branches this year. 70 of them are to be built in Germany. The company announced this on Tuesday at the presentation of the business figures for the past year.

Consumers have therefore increasingly bought hygiene products during the Corona crisis and thus given Rossmann a significant increase in sales. The company increased sales by 8.1 percent to 11.1 billion euros last year, it said.

Most recently, Rossmann was able to increase the proceeds so much due to the bankruptcy of the competitor Schlecker in 2012. In 2021, Rossmann was able to increase sales in its German home market by 8.2 percent to 7.9 billion euros.

Schlecker could compete with Rossmann again

Outside Germany, sales rose by 7.8 percent to 3.2 billion euros. Rossmann was also able to grow overall on the Internet – the online business recorded a double-digit increase in sales.

In the drugstore market, competition is likely to intensify again this year. In addition to Rossmann and the second top dog in Germany, dm, Schlecker could soon return. Most recently, an Austrian investor who had secured the trademark rights to Schlecker announced that it would revive the drugstore chain with new branches.

These could therefore arise in Austria and Germany. In addition to drugstore goods, the new Schlecker will also carry everyday items such as groceries, office and business supplies and hardware store items.



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