Formula 1 sporting director Ross Brown believes the tactical disagreement could have cost the Mercedes team and Lewis Hamilton a great deal at the Turkish Grand Prix.

The seven-time world champion turned down the strategists’ offer to change the intermediate tires along with most of the other pilots and hoped to do without a pit stop altogether. He eventually stopped, but with the remaining eight laps to go, he could not get the new tires to work and remained fifth.

“I told you so!” Lewis Hamilton’s radio talks with Mercedes in Turkey

“When the situation is incomprehensible, and the driver does not agree with the proposal, the team can very easily refuse the deliberately correct decision.

But we must understand that the pilot is in an information vacuum while driving. Yes, the team can transmit some information to him by radio, but still he does not see all the data that is on the command bridge. If Lewis hadn’t stopped at a pit stop, and the tires would eventually fail, or the rain resumed, which would confuse all the maps, then the race would have ended in disaster for him, “Brown wrote in his column on the official website of Formula 1.

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