“Rosberg won the championship because neguinho kicked his butt too often and didn’t perform well.” New snippet with insults Nelson Piquet against Hamilton

Three-time Formula 1 champion Nelson Piquet made racist and homophobic remarks about Lewis Hamilton.

The Brazilian press shared another snippet of a two-hour interview Pique gave in November 2021. The interview has become controversial in recent days after it was revealed that Nelson used the term “neguinho” about Lewis, a word considered racist in Brazil when used outside of a friendly context.

In the new fragment, Pique managed to offend not only Hamilton, but also the Rosberg family. The Brazilian competed with Keke Rosberg, the 1982 world champion, Lewis played for Mercedes along with his son Nico, who won the title in 2016.

“What kind of racer was Keke? He was crap. Zero value.

As did his son. He (Niko) won the championship, [так как] neguinho kicked in the ass too often and performed badly,” Piqué said.

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