Rosario Central stopped Talleres with their first win in the League Cup

Rosario Central stopped Talleres with their first win in the League Cup

Rosario Central defeated Talleres, from Córdoba, 2-0, in a great game played at Gigante de Arroyito, for the third date of Zone A of the League Cup with the goals scored by offensive midfielders Jaminton Campaz and Ignacio Malcorraat the end of the first half.

Rosario Central and Workshops They played a great first half in which they attacked each other whenever they could.

workshops played best when played on speed with Depietri, Garro and Sosato which was added the detachment of Ortegoza, Benavidez and Portillobut Central Rosary he arrived before five minutes when malcorra He sent a center from the left, Bianchi He stopped her with her back to the arch and left him alone camping, who hit him left-handed, Herrera saved, and hit him again and the goalkeeper sent it to the corner.

workshops warned after 11 minutes with a right hand from busts from the edge of the area Broun He took a corner, above the horizontal and at 21 minutes Garro overflowed on the right and sent the center to Bustos, who demanded the goalkeeper again and “Fatura” saved again, to his left.

The led team Javier Gandolfi because he had more of the ball and was more incisive until after 33 minutes Coat he won it on the right of his area, he dribbled to a marker at the start and crossed it long into the pike of camping, who reached the area and crossed a dry left footed shot, which entered below, next to the far post, in the first roar of Gigante de Arroyito.

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They had barely played four minutes when alan rodriguez sent a cross to the area, Bianchi he received it again from behind and served it to him facing Malcorra, who had all the time in the world to choose the place and nail it with his left foot in the upper left corner, in the second great goal of the afternoon.

#CopaDeLaLiga 2023 | Date 3 | Summary of Rosario Central – Workshops

workshops reacted and after 45 minutes he came back with a right hand from Portillo on the right post, with the goalkeeper defeated.

The plugin had another development because Central Rosary he dedicated himself to waiting in his field in search of the reply that would settle the lawsuit before a Talleres that looked for him and arrived on several occasions, but collided with the great afternoon-night of “Fatura” Broun, the figure of the party.

They had barely played five minutes when Benavidez sent a cross that Bustos received only on the line of the small area, but Broun he stayed with his weak right hand.

and in the replica malcorra enabled Coat, who crossed it to the right and Campaz finished off at the hands of Herrera, from a very closed angle, instead of assisting Bianchi, only through the middle.

Until at minute 32 Mallo knocked down Sosa in a closure to the left of the area, in a penalty that Martinez took at the behest of the VAR and that “Fatura” Broun saved Rodrigo Garro’s furious left-footed shot to his left in a great way.

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Thus, Central ended a streak of 10 games without victories and four without converting, in which it had added 399 minutes without goals, just in game number 254 of Miguel Ángel Russo, who equaled Carlos Timoteo Griguol as the second coach who led the most times to the “scoundrel”, behind the unattainable 607 of Don Ángel Tulio Zof.

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