Cristiano Ronaldo impresses not only on the pitch at Manchester United, but also off it. The players did not dare to have dessert on Friday, because Ronaldo did not either. It’s no secret that the Portuguese pays particular attention to his diet.

Reserve goalkeeper Lee Grant says Manchester United players look up to Ronaldo. Even when it comes to nutrition. “We were in the players’ hotel last Friday. You eat your plate empty and on Friday evening you sometimes have a cheat meal. Some have an apple pie or a brownie with whipped cream,” Grant told talkSPORT.

“I’m telling you, not one player touched the apple pie, not one player took the brownie. Someone said to me: what does Cristiano have on his plate? We were kind of joking about what he had and obviously he had the healthiest food imaginable,” Grant says. “I laughed out loud because no player had the balls to stand up and grab junk food that lay there.”

Ronaldo played his first game for Manchester United on Saturday. The club won 4-1 against Newcastle United and Ronaldo scored two goals.

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