Despite his 35 years, Cristiano Ronaldo is still so astonishing and impressive. It has now been more than ten years that he walks on the competition, chains goals and wins titles. This season again, the Portuguese star has incredible statistics with Juventus, to the point that we are entitled to wonder if we will still have to wait to see him regress.

All those who have been able to meet him, Manchester United to the Juventus, through the national team and the Real Madrid, all sent the same message to him: Cristiano Ronaldo is a convict, a workhorse. The Portuguese international striker does not allow himself any relaxation, there is not a day when he does not take care of his body, his work tool in a way. If he had been surprised, when he was in England, by drunk paparazzi, since he joined Real Madrid in 2009, he is no longer the same man.

Ignore Messi

The delays in training, the lack of intensity during a session, he does not know. Conversely, he is rather the type, as many of his teammates have already mentioned, to add work, or to vlearn earlier than your partners before a session, to get a little personalized training. These efforts have been rewarded with a string of titles and individual awards, in addition to the media rivalry between him and Lionel Messi to find out which of him or the Argentinian is better.

Regularity at the top

This season again, when it blew out 35 candles last February, the five-time Golden Ball was breathtaking. The 2019-2020 club season, concerning him, with at least one Champions League match to play, is 44 games played, and 35 goals scored. It’s hard not to admire these performances, especially when they are repeated year after year, with real regularity. Has Cristiano Ronaldo already been so effective, or is he tackling, like ordinary people, the downward slope of his sporting magnificence?

The dribbler turned scorer

In 2018-2019, he had done less well for his first season with the Old Lady. The time to take his marks, he had despite everything shaken the opposing nets 28 times in all competitions, with 45 matches played to his credit. This is his worst season in career since he took on another dimension by signing for Real Madrid in the summer of 2009. Previously, with the Red Devils, he was generally not a real scorer, but rather an explosive dribbler sometimes lacking in efficiency. Because Cristiano Ronaldo has also known how to evolve, and become a surface man, able to score from the right, the left or the header. Its vertical relaxation is still prodigious, despite its age, once again.

Is retirement coming soon?

Where will he stop? When will it stop? Should we expect to see the Portuguese one day become a lambda player, down from the highest level? Perhaps he will also choose to hang up or go into exile to a less demanding championship rather than display his decline in the face of a football planet. who still has eyes only for him. As for whether the Lusitanian has never been so strong, or whether the beginnings of his regression are already visible, some statistics set out below may help you to form a more precise opinion.

Cristiano Ronaldo in figures since 2009:

2009-2010 – Real Madrid
33 matches – 30 goals ⇒ 0.90 goals per match

2010-2011 – Real Madrid
48 matches – 49 goals ⇒ 1.02 goals per match

2011-2012 – Real Madrid
55 matches – 59 goals ⇒ 1.07 goals per match

2012-2013 – Real Madrid
54 matches – 55 goals ⇒ 1.01 goals per match

2013-2014 – Real Madrid
49 matches – 51 goals ⇒ 1.04 goals per match

2014-2015 – Real Madrid
54 matches – 61 goals ⇒ 1.12 goals per match

2015-2016 – Real Madrid
50 matches – 55 goals ⇒ 1.1 goals per match

2016-2017 – Real Madrid
46 matches – 42 goals ⇒ 0.91 goals per match

2017-2018 – Real Madrid
44 matches – 44 goals ⇒ 1 goal per match

2018-2019 – Juventus
45 matches – 28 goals ⇒ 0.62 goals per match

2019-2020 (ongoing) – Juventus
44 matches – 35 goals ⇒ 0.79 goals per match

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