Question mark in the Roma home after Josè Mourinho’s latest training choices. Important exclusion this evening and new market sirens

It was not an exciting start to the season for Nicolò Zaniolo that tonight against the Genoa he also received Josè’s rejection Mourinho, which has once again relegated him to Park bench initially, just as happened before the stop in the lost trip to Venice. A strong decision that of the ‘Special One’ which comes at a difficult time for the Italian playmaker who is still dry of goals this season,

Mourinho © LaPresse

During last Monday’s training, in Trigoria, Zaniolo had a little ‘bickering’ with the Portuguese coach who actually stimulated him, as in fact he does with all the elements of the squad. Nothing striking, but also considering the exclusion for technical choice of this evening and the not very incisive performances some alarm bells start to go off again.

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Calciomercato Roma, Mourinho excludes Zaniolo: are the sirens rekindled?

Zaniolo excluded from Mourinho: market sirens?
Nicolò Zaniolo © LaPresse

The bench tonight inevitably leads to once again triggering the sirens relating to the transfer market. In this sense, during the week Enrico Camelio underlined to our microphones how Zaniolo likes him Manchester United, to a Spanish club and an Italian one. In this specific case, the Giallorossi has often been approached on several occasions, especially the Juventus, always very inclined to build an Italian block in pink. The evaluation of the talent born in 1999 is currently around 40 million euros, the contract will expire in 2024 and the Premier could also intrigue the Tottenham next summer.

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