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Romanian President Iohannis wins first round presidential election

Current President Klaus Iohannis appears to have won the first round of the presidential elections in Romania based on exit polls. He will face former prime minister Dancila in the second round.

According to the exit poll, conservative-liberal Iohannis won 38.7 percent of the votes. The Social Democratic Dancila could count on 22 percent. Dan Barna from the anti-corruption party Red Romania-Union got 16.1 percent of the vote.

Because none of the candidates achieved a majority of fifty percent, there will be a second round. It's on November 24, in two weeks.

Corruption scandals

Iohannis, known for his pro-European attitude, has been the head of state since 2014. He is expected to finish in the second round as the winner.

The Social Democratic Dancila was a prime minister until a month ago. Her cabinet fell after it did not survive a motion of no confidence. Dancila's party is under fire after corruption scandals. President Dragnea, also a social democrat, was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for abuse of power in May.

Although the coalition of the Social Democrats with the liberal ALDE has led the country since 2016, Dancila was the third prime minister. Her grip on power weakened when ALDE left the coalition in August.


In May there was also a vote in Romania, then for the European Parliament and also for a referendum on a milder approach to widespread corruption in the country. Romanian Dutch people who wanted to vote for the embassy here at the time were disappointed.

At the closing of the polling station, not everyone could have cast their vote, because of the long lines. That led to disturbances. After closing the polling station, people climbed over the gates of the embassy grounds in The Hague and pounded the door.

The ME intervened to restore order:


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