The dance continues. After wearing the shoes of your dreams, one for each goal, Felix Afena-Gyan followed up on the show that began in Marassi in front of the fans of the Roma to thank José Mourinho, for the promised gift and the confident premise. The emotion and joy of this 18-year-old boy are so engaging that they have generated a hashtag: Felixità. It’s instinct, it’s party. After all, it does not happen every day for a footballer of his age to score in Serie A. Indeed, Felix is ​​the first 2003 in history to have succeeded. Then, if, as against Genoa, the brace arrives, the bar of the numbers goes up: none of the peers has dared so much this season in Europe, at least in the top leagues.

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Felix’s incredible evening: double at Genoa, Roma win

THE LINK – To explain a sudden explosion, a big bang, it’s easy to think of the teenage meteor. But behind Felix’s growth by chance there is really nothing. Starting with the familiarity with football acquired at home as a child. For this the boy in every interview thanks “my mother who is in Ghana”. Her name is Juliet Adubea and in the night of glory she posted a love message on Twitter: “You are my hero, I’m proud of you.” And yesterday, again through social media, she turned to Mourinho: “May God bless you, sir.” Lady Juliet, who will soon join her son in Rome, is a great football fan. Cheering for Asante Kototo, leaders of the Ghanaian championship with 4 out of 4 wins. And following the love for the ball, he routed Felix to the football school. The story that led to Genoa’s goals begins just like that. Not much is known about the relationship with his father, of whom the boy bears the surname Afena: Felix does not like to talk about it.

THE DISCOVERY – By dint of playing on the Central African fields, among the many difficulties of a complex territory, Felix was noticed by a local scout who reported him to Oliver Arthur, a Fifa agent who in the recent past has brought other Ghanaians to Italy, such as Duncan ( now at Fiorentina) and Chibsah (today at Bochum, Germany). In a round of consultations Arthur proposed Felix to Sassuolo, the company that best valued his work and al Milan. But Roma, thanks to Morgan De Sanctis, was faster and bought it from an academy in Accra, Eur Africa, after viewing it for a few minutes. Cost of the operation, 350,000 euros all inclusive. «It was a difficult negotiation – Arthur tells us by phone – because it was not easy to obtain the permits. But luckily the deal went through. I told Felix: within a year you have to get to the first team. He, however, has forged ahead. And now we expect great things ».

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