RockYou2021 is the biggest password hack in history

A DeepWeb site hosted for several days what is said to be the largest breach and hacking of passwords in history baptized as RockYou2021.

The verification was carried out by the CyberNews site on June 7, and in detail it includes keys of 6 to 20 characters, without special characters and with blank spaces removed.

The number of leaked access codes is over 8 billion; the later verifications are of 8.400 million that appear in the document.

“The build itself has been dubbed RockYou2021 by a forum user, presumably in reference to the infamous RockYou data breach that occurred in 2009, when threat actors hacked their way into the social app’s website servers and had in their hands more than 32 million user passwords stored in plain text, “says CyberNews.

It is estimated that 4.7 billion people are online and therefore it is almost double the passwords that are in this hack.

The same CyberNews site offers a tool to check if any of the passwords you use is part of this cyber attack: Leaked Password Check.

Another open option is to use the popular site HaveIbeenpwned to find out if your password has appeared in a data breach. After logging in, enter your password in the text box and click on the pwned? button.

The advice is always the same: use different alphanumeric keys and change them frequently.

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