Robo-Dog is suitable for the masses thanks to Xiaomi

Finally, a robot dog modeled on the Boston Dynamics spot is becoming suitable for the masses. However, there are only 1000 of them for the time being. Clear the stage for man’s new, most loyal friend based on AI.

What would you do with a Robo-Dog? Let him put the watch? Let him ask for eggs from the neighbour’s for you? Upgrade him to a disco dog with LEDs and let him dance to music?

All of this seems to be possible soon, because with the CyberDog Xiaomi is bringing man’s first “affordable”, electric best friend. More precisely, the first clone of Boston Dynamics Spot.

Xiaomi’s CyberDog is an experimental open source robot – its source code can be downloaded, viewed and changed by anyone. Thus, its full potential should only be developed through the community or interested developers. The robo-companion weighs 3kg and costs around $ 1500 (9999 RMB). Xiaomi has not given any information about its exact dimensions so far, but it should be around 40 cm high and a little over 60 cm long.

If the person in the picture were 170 cm tall, the robot dog would have to be 40 cm tall and over 60 cm long.
If the person in the picture were 170 cm tall, the robot dog would have to be 40 cm tall and over 60 cm long.

The robot has servomotors that are supposed to ensure high speed, a large range of motion and a lot of agility. As a result, he should be able to do backflips and be fast up to 12 km / h. The maximum torque of the motors is 32 Newton meters, the rotation speed 220 rpm.

Inside is Nvidia’s Jetson Xavier NX. The microcomputer has 384 CUDA cores and 48 tensor cores as a graphics accelerator, uses an ARM CPU with six cores (v8.2, 64-bit) and has two deep learning accelerators installed. All of this is supplemented by 8 GB LPDDR4 RAM and 16 GB eMMC storage.

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Eleven sensors are installed so that the robot can perceive, analyze, act and interact precisely and quickly. These include touch sensors, AI and ultra wide angle cameras, ultrasonic sensors, a GPS module, a depth module and more. If all of that is not enough, it can be supplemented with additional sensors thanks to three USB-C and one HDMI connection. Panorama cameras, disco lights, lidar sensors and and and. So far nothing is known about the battery capacity.

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The CyberDog perceives its surroundings in real time, independently creates navigation maps, can track objects, recognize and avoid obstacles, climb stairs, pick up the newspaper with the help of a tool that has yet to be developed, or simply follow you as a loyal companion. If required, it is controlled via a voice assistant. Otherwise there is a remote control and a smartphone app.

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For the time being, the CyberDog will be withheld from 1000 new masters. Xiaomi wants to gain experience and experiment with a first batch before the part will hopefully also be available for Hinz and Kunz or the dog meadow next door.

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