Although after revealing his homosexuality a few days ago, the actor Roberto Manrique has received many messages of affection, there are others who simply try to take away his peace of mind.

“I have a beautiful partner, a beautiful boyfriend, I have been in love with an incredible relationship for 7 years. You cannot imagine how we have grown, how we have driven ourselves, ”the Ecuadorian revealed in an emotional video published on his Instagram account more than a week ago.

After the revelation, he received a message to which he had to reply publicly.

“You are gay? What a waste! ”Wrote a follower on Instagram.

“Not my life, this is being overused, just not by you,” replied the actor in the aforementioned social network.

“Sorry! I had to do it as a social service because we make something clear: that is not a compliment, neither here nor in China ”, he added.

“Just because it’s based on the assumption that you find me attractive doesn’t make it a compliment. (Thanks the same). That your chances of having something physical with me make my life something that has no value in existence (a waste), on the other hand, it does something negative. And let’s face it, those odds were very low before. Not because you look one way or another (in fact I haven’t seen the dozens of profiles that have written me that comment) but because of simple mathematical probability (do you follow me?). And on the other hand … waste? (Here it says darks) Don’t the other aspects of my life give it enough meaning not to be a waste? Why am I writing this? Because I know that many women write it without any bad intention … I know. And I know that by understanding the real substance of what has been said and by being aware people, they will surely not repeat it, ”Manrique continued.

After that response from the actor, several of his colleagues and followers applauded his answer.

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