Roberto Carlo shows that Carlos Arenas blocked him after his statements

Vanessa Claudio and Roberto Carlo were as guests of the week in the program of Karla Diaz‘Pinky Promise’, where the host of ‘Al Extremo’ told how the relationship was who held with Charles Arenasnoting that it was a very toxic relationship.

After Vanessa’s statements, Roberto took advantage of the conversation to reveal the conflicts he had with his former program partner in ‘Sale el Sol’‘, where although they were good friends at first, everything changed when Carlo left the morning paper.

And recently Roberto Carlo showed that Carlos Arenas blocked him on Twitter, apparently after his statements in this interviewin which he pointed out that he was homophobic, since after he left ‘Sale el Sol’, Arenas began to speak ill of him and he even went so far as to say that ‘he threw the wave at him’.

He would have blocked me better all the times he spoke ill of me on the air in ‘Sale el Sol’, since I left the program, in short, the hypotenuse“Wrote the host of ‘La Más Draga’, along with the photograph of the evidence, in which Arenas had effectively blocked it.

The driver also pointed out in said interview that one day he almost got into a fight with his ex-partner, since on one occasion Carlos hinted on the air that his “friend” was gay, a situation that angered Roberto since he had not yet openly declared for different reasons.

Roberto Carlo and Carlos Arenas

I still wasn’t out of the closet back then and he hinted on the air that I was gay and to the cut I say, ‘brother, it’s not your p * do, it’s not your topic, it’s not your time, it’s not your storyit doesn’t correspond to you’ and yes we began to make words that ‘well, why do you hide it?‘…”

He added that he told his former partner the reasons why he hid it, and was honest that it was a very hard blow: “You don’t care why I hide it, I have my reasons, I have my fears, I have my story, I have my demons, my fear of losing my career because of everything that is said about the community and I am going to be very honest with you, for me it was super sad, I had never talked about it“, he expressed.

Carlos Arenas blocks Roberto Carlo



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