Roberto Cantoral: Google dedicates its Doodle to the Mexican singer and composer

Cas is tradition in the most important web search engine in the world When an important date is celebrated, it is decorated in the style of that day, it can be from the Day of Kings until the day of the elections in the country where it is used, as it was yesterday with Mexico, or celebrating the life of some historical character, in this time Roberto Cantoral.

The Google doodles are an alteration to the logo that is normally used in the search engine, the people in charge of making these designs call them “doodlers” and they really give the search engine a visual appeal, It also encourages you to “click” to read and find out a little about what will be celebrated that day.

Who was Roberto Cantoral?

Cantoral was one of the most important singer-songwriters in the 60s and 70s, since he was the creator of recognized pieces that were even performed by singers such as Luis Miguel, Jos Jos, Plcido Domingo and Olga Guillot.

I was born on a day like today but in 1935 in Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas; With few resources in 1950 and with the help of his brother Antonio they created the duet “Los Hermanos Cantoral” starting a long musical career and also opening the way to his first creations: “The Prisoner”, “Number 9” and “The Stone Crucifix”.

Four years later founded the renowned tro “The three caballeros” together with Leonel Glvez and Chamn Correa.

It was until 1960 that Cantoral began his solo career and made popular countless songs in various languages, which will remain in his living memory even eleven years after his death in 2010.

The creations of this great composer positioned him in the first places of popularity and broke sales records in Mexico and abroad. performed more than 1,500 concerts around the world.

What songs did Roberto Cantoral compose?

Roberto Cantoral was the composer of many world-renowned pieces, including: “At the end”, “El Triste”, “La Barca” or “El reloj”, these last ones that many of us know to be interpreted by Jos Jos and Luis Miguel.

When did Roberto Cantoral die?

The Mexican composer died of a heart attack on August 7, 2020 at 75 years of age.

After his death A tribute was paid to him with the interpretation of pieces that he left written before his death and were reflected in the album, “Roberto Cantoral: always alive.” It is worth listening to and knowing the entire trajectory of this great composer because undoubtedly many of the songs that today are still hits by many artists were written by this singer-songwriter.


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