Robbery: Klagenfurter (24) attacked in his own apartment by four strangers! in 5 minutes

On Sunday afternoon, May 8th, a 24-year-old man was choked in his apartment by four unidentified people in an apartment building in Klagenfurt and seriously injured by punches in the face. The victim had previously set up an instant messaging service with a person he did not know using his cell phone to meet at his home.

Strangers broke into the apartment

When the man from Klagenfurt opened the apartment door – assuming that it was the person who had previously met via this messenger service – the apartment door was violently pushed open. As a result, the man was attacked by two people, during which he briefly lost consciousness. After a short time, the four unknown people left the apartment again.

attempted robbery

The injured man from Klagenfurt called the rescue service around 5 p.m. due to the persistent pain. He stated to the rescue workers that he was initially rejecting any police investigation. An attempted robbery is suspected. The man from Klagenfurt has not yet been questioned because he is still being treated as an inpatient at the Klagenfurt/WS clinic.

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