Rob Stenders has corona and is temporarily absent from Radio Veronica | show

A downer for Rob Stenders: the radio DJ has corona, his replacement Gerard Ekdom just told the radio. He will therefore not be heard on Radio Veronica in the near future.

Caroline Brouwer, Stenders’ sidekick, is in quarantine due to the risk of infection, but she has no complaints yet. She will take a corona test tomorrow and if it continues to be negative, she can return to the studio.

The news is especially unfortunate for Stenders, because he has only recently started his program at Radio Veronica and with his work as a broadcaster for the radio station. It is not known how long Rob will not be heard. Stenders will be replaced by colleagues in the near future. Today Gerard Ekdom takes his program for the second day in a row Bonanza about. As soon as Stenders’ complaints diminish, he goes back to work from his home studio.

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