RNA of coronavirus found in the house of those who had recovered a month after recovery – Society – News of St. Petersburg

Researchers in the United States found coronavirus RNA in the home of those who had recovered a month after all symptoms disappeared. On July 14, N + 1 writes about this with reference to the publication in the scientific publication Science of the Total Environment.

The highest concentration of the virus’ genetic material was found on the carpet in the bedroom and on the air conditioning filters. The publication notes that data on the lifetime of the coronavirus on surfaces vary. Some researchers believe that he can stay on them for a maximum of 24 hours, but other scientists talk about a period of up to 28 days.

American researchers from the University of Texas at Austin collected 24 smears in the home of an adult and a child who were diagnosed with COVID-19 two months ago. Coronavirus RNA was found in 46% of the samples. Genetic material was found on the surfaces of TVs, couches, doorknobs, toilet flush buttons, carpets, floors, and air conditioning filters. Moreover, if the latter were not cleaned at all, then the floors in the house were constantly wiped, and the bathroom was washed with bleach. The carpet, on which a large amount of coronavirus RNA was found, was vacuumed.

True, so far scientists have not been able to assess how dangerous the concentration of viral RNA they discovered is – whether the virus remained infectious.

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