RIVM: 102 infections after Heiloose fair, also clusters in Amsterdam

At least 102 people were infected with the corona virus during fair parties in cafes in Heiloo. This is evident from an overview of the RIVM published today by the Ministry of Health. A cluster has also emerged at the Chin Chin Festival in Amsterdam (118).

Testing for Access was used at the cafes in Heiloo and the Chin Chin Festival. ‘But people have also climbed over the fences,’ says the RIVM. “The infections took place during the week during the village festival, at the fair, but also in party tents,” the RIVM continues.

The GGD previously told NH Nieuws that people were mainly infected at fair parties in cafes De Wit and Blondes in Heiloo. According to several visitors, the corona rules were changed there not properly adhered to.

Both visitors and artists have been infected at the Chin Chin Festival, the document shows. 10,000 people attended the festival.

Eight other major events were held between June 26 and July 10, including in Zandvoort (5,000 visitors). No clusters of these are known at this time. They may still follow, says the RIVM.

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