Risk factors and symptoms of oral cancer

What are the symptoms of oral cancer?

Oral cancer is linked to cancer of the head and neck. Tumors that occur as a result of these types of cancer are either:

  • Carcinoma, located on the fleshy walls of the mouth.
  • Adenocarcinoma, located in the cells of the glands.

Oral cancer is very similar to other types of cancer, and knowing the symptoms is always very important to be able to avoid it.

The clear symptoms of oral cancer

Oral cancer is very visible. It can produce sores in the mouth that do not heal for several weeks. However, this is not the only symptom. Also pay attention to the following:

  • White spots in the mouth
  • unexpected bleeding
  • Difficulty chewing or touching the jaw
  • Your voice becomes rougher or changes your mind markedly
  • You lose your sensitivity or have pain in your mouth, face or neck
  • Unexplained pain in the ear

You may even notice various symptoms for other reasons. If you notice two or three of these symptoms at the same time, you should see a doctor directly.

Oral cancer risk factors

theOral cancer develops, along with other types of cancer, due to special circumstances.

It can, of course, occur in people who are not represented in the following categories, but it is still important that you think about your health. If you are in any of the following categories, you should listen carefully:

You are a smoker.

The exact reason why cancer cells start growing in the mouth is unknown. However, smoking is known to be a major contributing factor. Smoking has a major impact on this process. It irritates the oral lining and is linked to 60% of all cases of oral cancer.

The chewing tobacco causes irritation of the mouth because it involves direct contact with the cells of the mouth. It is a good idea for those who smoke to quit gradually. There are many ways to quit smoking.

You often drink alcohol

Often times, drinking alcohol is another factor that contributes to oral cancer. Do you often drink alcohol? Do you smoke too? In this case, you should really pay attention to whether the symptoms appear in the mouth. It would have been better if you stopped drinking like you do as soon as possible. We know that certain types of alcohol can have health benefits, but drink it in moderation.

You have a hereditary predisposition to cancer

People with cancer across genders are also at higher risk. If this applies to you, we highly recommend your family history so that it will be taken into consideration during your visits.

It can be beneficial on several occasions for preventative purposes as the dentist can check the areas which are difficult or unfamiliar to you. It is also good to see your doctor about oral cancer and see if you need to be tested to see that you are okay.

Sexually transmitted diseases

Most people think that the only sexually transmitted disease that is really a problem is HIV / AIDS. It is true that it is a fatal disease and should not be taken lightly, but there are other STDs that can present serious health problems as well. One of them is the human papilloma.

There is a plurality of types and that is not all that is serious. The problem is, severe types can lead to oral cancer if passed by mouth. It is even of great importance that you regularly visit the gynecologist to check your sexual health.

Oral cancer prevention advice

To prevent the onset and symptoms of oral cancer, it is important that you:

  • Think about whether there are any symptoms of oral cancer.
  • Consider whether blood occurs when you brush your teeth or if you have any injuries that do not heal properly within ten to fifteen days.
  • Think about whether you have recurring throat pain or difficulty touching your jaw.
  • Follow a balanced diet.
  • Do not smoke or chew tobacco.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation.

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