Risk calculator: How to determine the age of the heart using an app

IYour heart may be older than your actual age. The organ is influenced by lifestyle in addition to hereditary predisposition and environmental factors. And depending on this, the risk of cardiovascular disease increases or decreases. The new “HerzFit app” from the German Heart Foundation tries to analyze exactly how your heart is doing.

A risk calculator developed by heart specialists is integrated, with which the heart age can be determined. A bad result does not mean that one is helplessly at the mercy of a heart attack or stroke, explains cardiologist Prof. Heribert Schunkert, Deputy Chairman of the German Heart Foundation. But it should be seen as an invitation to do something for your health.

Exercise and diet tips

Corresponding expert tips are then also available in the app. In addition to information on more exercise and a healthy diet, there are strategies for coping with stress and quitting smoking.

According to the Heart Foundation, the app asks for personal health data such as blood pressure, heart rate, LDL cholesterol, long-term blood sugar and weight. These remain on the user’s smartphone and can be deleted and changed at any time – without third-party insight.

The app was developed by the Heart Foundation together with partners such as the DigiMed Bayern project from the German Heart Center in Munich. The “HerzFit App” is available free of charge in the Apple Store (for iPhone) or in the Google Play Store (Android) for smartphones.



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