Riley Keough
Elvis granddaughter shows tattoo for dead brother

Riley Keough during an event in Santa Monica

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Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, Riley Keough, has had a tattoo done in honor of her late brother Benjamin.

Benjamin Keough (1992-2020), the grandson of Elvis Presley (1935-1977), died in July at the age of only 27. His sister, actress Riley Keough (31, “Logan Lucky”), has apparently now got a tattoo in honor of her brother.

In her Instagram stories, Keough shared several clips and a picture with her brother. The two can be seen in Kyoto, among others. In addition, she published a photo that shows her with a fresh tattoo. With “Benjamin Storm” the first and middle name of her brother are apparently permanently on her body.

Did he also have a tattoo of her?

In addition, she published a photo of an unrecognizable man who had her first name “Riley” tattooed on the picture. Apparently the shot is about her late brother. “The mornings are the hardest. Sometimes I forget that you are gone,” Keough previously wrote for a series of pictures on Instagram that shows beautiful moments from the life of the two. “I can’t cry because I’m afraid I can’t stop. A pain that is new to me.”

The Elvis widow Priscilla Presley (75) had also spoken publicly a few days ago and explained on Facebook how much the death of her grandson Benjamin had taken her and the whole family with her. It was some of the “darkest days in my family’s life. The shock of losing Ben is devastating. […] Every day I wake up, I pray for it to get better. ”