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Rigopiano, auctioned off the hotel assets saved by the avalanche. Relatives of the victims: "Macabro brindisi"

The treasure of the cellars (wine, beer and champagne), the hydro-massage tub and the sunbeds of the Spa, and then the furnishings, the paintings, the ceramics (plates and tureens). What was saved from the avalanche that swept the Hotel Rigopiano di Farindola (Pescara), on the Gran Sasso, with the earthquake of 18 January 2017 that killed 29 people was put up for auction. The announcement appeared on the Judicial Auctions website.

Rigopiano, auctioned off the hotel assets saved by the avalanche. Relatives of the victims: "Macabro brindisi"

An extract from the appraisal accompanying the auction (

"An announcement upset the families of the victims after an auction of fine wine bottles that were in the hotel and that were saved from the avalanche was held in Pescara on October 30." To make it known is the lawyer Romolo Reboa who, together with the lawyers Gabriele Germano, Massimo Reboa, Silvia Rodaro, Maurizio Sangermano and Roberta Verginelli assists the families of four victims of the tragedy. "Who put them up for sale is the lawyer Sergio Iannucci, curator of the Bankruptcy 70/2010, Del Rosso srl, while it is not known who will make the gruesome toast at the auction price of 1,800 euros as those who participated to raise, given that the base price was 700 euros ".
"From the reading of the appraisal attached to the auction notice (COD. 2814910) it emerges, however, that a lot of movable assets of the Hotel Rigopiano are also on sale, but the auction has gone deserted," insists lawyer Reboa. "In the affair a new subject comes out today, the bankruptcy 70/2010. Del Rosso srl, which is the owner of the furniture of the Hotel Rigopiano and which, certainly with the authorization of the Delegated Judge, put them up for sale. the family lawyer – never heard in the criminal investigation, which could reveal valuable information on the state of the places, on the authorizations and which I reserve to summon for a hearing in the defense investigations ".

The bankruptcy trustee's reply

The lawyer Sergio Iannucci's reply is dry: "The speech is not in these terms, it is – he explains – of the assets of the company that managed the hotel that was debtor to the bankruptcy procedure and that were sold for part of the debt, having no other resources to pay it. I, consequently, with the authorization of the judge, I am putting them on sale. There is no connection between the assets of the auction and the events concerning the avalanche that then swept away the hotel, as the victims have nothing to do with it, are speculative comments, among other things, in the area that is under sequestration – underlines the curator – we have entered with the authorization of the Public Prosecutor and the magistrate together with the carabinieri. The failure is foreign to the events of the hotel, I repeat, because they are owned by third parties ".

The auctioned goods: from beer to autoclave

In the 37 pages of the appraisal (here the .pdf) that accompanies the judicial auction, there are 15 lots divided according to an estimate that goes from 700 euros for the wines to the generating set with an estimated value of 6,000 euros. Those who had never set foot in that hotel, saw something from the media images of those furnishings that anyone could buy. Like the paintings with bears or some sculptures that in the darkness of the rooms swept away by snow and mud have been saved. Almost three years after the disaster, what has remained today of those objects is the lot, still visible on the auction site, of 5,500 euro furnishings that includes paintings, mirrors, frames, sculptures, furnishing accessories, armchairs, tables, bookcases and writing desks. Everything we think can be reused, including autoclave, bench saw, boilers and pellets, is finished.

The night of January 18th in 2017

It was almost 5 pm when, on January 18, 2017, an avalanche of snow and debris broke away from Mount Siella and overwhelmed the Hotel Rigopiano di Farindola. One hundred and twenty tons of snow and ice hit the structure and invaded the interiors where there were 40 people: 28 guests, including 4 children, and 12 employees. The area had remained isolated because the provincial road from the hotel to the Mirri junction, 9.3 kilometers long, was "impassable due to snow encumbrance – reads the investigation papers – effectively making it impossible to go away". Despite requests for help from the previous hours, the hotel was not evacuated. A few hours before the tragedy, the administrator sent an e-mail to the authorities: "The situation is really worrying," he wrote.

playing …

In the hours following the landslide, firefighters worked continuously, day and night, first to reach the hotel, then to dig through snow and rubble in search of the missing. Two meters of snow to be cleared on the roads, then – at 3.30 am – firefighters and mountain guides found themselves facing disaster. "You could only see the tip of the roof," they said a month later. Three bodies were found the morning after the avalanche. Five days later three more had been extracted: the victims had risen to 12 and by now the hope was gone. Eleven survivors.

The judicial stages of the investigation

The investigation was closed by the Pescara prosecutor's office on 26 November 2018, establishing that the tragedy was caused by negligence, incompetence and imprudence, at all institutional levels, caused the tragedy. Twenty-five suspects are accused of culpable disaster, multiple negligent injuries, culpable manslaughter, false ideology, building abuse, omission of official duties, abuse of official duties. The inquiry by chief prosecutor Massimiliano Serpi and deputy Andrea Papalia called into question the Abruzzo Region, Prefecture, Province of Pescara, Municipality of Farindola.



The false papers of Rigopiano: the last abuse of the hotel that no longer exists

A second line of the investigation on Rigopiano saw the hypothesis of crimes of fraud in criminal trial and screening against seven people, who at the time of the events were working in the Prefecture. Among them there are also the former prefect Provolo and Daniela Acquaviva, the official rising to the forefront of the news because in the phone call of the restaurateur Quintino Marcella – who first launched the alarm on the evening of the tragedy – said the phrase "the mother of the imbeciles is always pregnant ". The accusation behind this bis inquiry is that of having concealed the draft of the reports of 18 January 2017 from the Pescara Mobile team to hide the emergency call made at 11.38 by the waiter Gabriele D'Angelo, one of the 29 victims, at the Center coordination assistance. Requests for help, according to the lawyer Emanuela Rosa, a lawyer for the D'Angelo family, who "if you listen, could have changed the outcome of the events".

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