An ex-police officer and his wife were arrested for the right-wing threatening emails from the “NSU 2.0”. They are said to have sent six of the threatening letters in July.

The police have temporarily arrested and released two suspects Photo: Boris Roessler / dpa

FRANKFURT/MAIN afp / dpa / taz | There have been two preliminary arrests in connection with the right-wing extremist “NSU 2.0” threatening emails. The suspicion is directed against a 63-year-old former Bavarian police officer and his 55-year-old wife, the public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt am Main said on Monday. Both were provisionally arrested on Friday, but have since been released.

A spokeswoman for the public prosecutor’s office told taz that the suspects were accused of sending six emails. All were sent in July. The suspicion currently relates only to a small part of the threatening series.

The Hessian left-wing politician Hermann Schaus therefore wrote on Twitter that it was apparently a “free-rider”. He suspects that “it wasn’t the big fish that went online,” tweeted Schaus, who is the political spokesman for his parliamentary group in the state parliament.

In total, dozens of letters with insulting, hateful and threatening content have been sent to members of the Bundestag and other addressees under the abbreviation “NSU 2.0” since 2018. A man was arrested for the first time in April 2019 in connection with the series. He is currently on trial in Berlin. The series continued after his arrest.

Arrested on Friday

The public prosecutor, together with the Hessian State Criminal Police Office, took action against the now suspected couple in Landshut last Friday. According to the public prosecutor, the former police officer had previously attracted attention to right-motivated crimes. Since there were no conditions for an arrest warrant, the two suspects were released. The evaluation of the data media seized during the search and the further investigations were still ongoing.

Hesse’s Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) had announced last week that 69 “NSU 2.0” letters had been known by then. The recipients were different public figures, most of them women. Previously, data on victims of Hessian police computers are said to have been partially retrieved.

It is unclear whether the emails of the suspected couple from Bavaria also contained such data. The public prosecutor did not provide any information on Monday. She also left open whether the suspects had connections to Hesse. In the afternoon, Bundestag member Konstantin von Notz (Greens) demanded that it now be carefully examined “whether and what connections exist between the former Bavarian police officer and the deeply worrying events in Hesse”.