SSecurity agencies warn of the penetration and strengthening of right-wing extremists through the purchase of real estate. “The right-wing extremists are figuratively speaking looking for a castle in rural areas in order to lead their ideological campaign from there,” says Dirk-Martin Christian, head of the Saxon constitutional protection agency, of the FAZ wants land. “

Markus Wehner

According to the security authorities, there are 146 properties in Germany that belong to right-wing extremists or are permanently used by them. Concerts are held in them or “eyewitness talks” are offered, with which right-wing extremists want to spread their version of German history. Others sell clothes typical of the scene or the music of right-wing extremist bands. The operation of restaurants can also serve to raise money or possibly money laundering.

“Right-wing extremists go specifically to the villages, they supposedly want to do something for their homeland. This is how they try to gain acceptance and influence, ”said Brandenburg Interior Minister Michael Stübgen (CDU) of the FAZ. Martial arts centers could also be created in the properties acquired by right-wing extremists, says the Saxon head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. “There, young men who reject the state and society should be trained in all seclusion to be active fighters against our free democratic basic order.”

Stübgen says that it is not always possible to get information about planned purchases in good time. “But it is also the task of society, business associations and credit institutions to have a close look at property buyers. It shouldn’t be looked away any longer. ”According to the Saxon constitutional protection, the current laws are not sufficient to effectively combat right-wing extremists and their purchases, since they mostly act as individuals and not in established structures. “Security agencies cannot fight 21st century extremism with 20th century laws. Legal requirements and technical skills have to keep pace with general developments. ”