Riders Republic: Season 3 starts: What to expect in Summer Break!

The Riders Republic, which was released last October, is entering the next round: Today Ubisoft is giving the starting signal for the third season – and here you can find out what awaits you.

With “Summer Break”, Ubisoft is starting today in the third season of Riders Republic, which is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Stadia and Windows PC. The new season grants you access to free new content as well as weekly program highlights. Also included is a special reforestation event, the release of two new toys for Showdown mode in the in-game shop, and an event to celebrate the release of the BMX.

​This season kicks off with the Rebirth Event, a special event starting today and running through August 10th. This event was proposed last year at Green Game Jam 2021, a competition hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme’s Playing for the Planet Alliance. The Green Game Jam challenges you to create events or game modes that raise awareness of the environment.

During the Rebirth event, you can participate in the aforementioned reforestation event. This involves planting trees in a desert area to reforest the region using a teleportation point that leads to a base camp. Desert Blossom, a new mass start race, begins in the desert for all gamers. But thanks to the community’s reforestation efforts, it will gradually be overgrown with plants and trees that can withstand the arid climate. The event will culminate on July 30th with the unique Rebirth Climate March, where you can also participate and show your commitment to climate protection.

​At the end of Season 3, Riders Republic will host an event marking the beginning of the BMX sports add-on. There are also weekly challenges focused on BMX-like freestyle activities.

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Riders Republic – Season 3: Summer Break Trailer

Ubisoft’s Riders Republic enters its third season with Summer Break.



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