Rice will be one of the main protagonists in Alicante Gastronómica 2023

Rice will be one of the main protagonists in Alicante Gastronómica 2023

Rice will once again be one of the main protagonists in the V edition of Gastronomic Alicante ‘Mediterranean Soul’, which is held from September 29 to October 2 at Fira Alacant (IFA). With the celebration, one more year, of the successful Contest of the best rice of the Mediterranean, the popular rice tradition of Alicante homes will once again be on everyone’s lips, valuing this product as one of the banners of cuisine in the province of Alicante.

The objective of this popular contest is to promote even more, if possible, the best gastronomic product that this kitchen has, a product that is also the basis of recipes that are part of the menu of the most reputable and award-winning restaurants.

Nearly 300 cooks Amateurs will participate in the qualifying rounds for the Popular Contest for the Best Mediterranean Rice, which will be held starting next weekend at Carrefour Shopping Centers in the province. These semifinals will begin on September 9 in Petrer and they will continue the Torrevieja (10th day), Elche (day 16) and Finestrat/Benidorm (day 17), until the end of the 23rd in the center of San Juan from Alicante.

A total of 60 participants in the adult category and 20 in the children’s category for each center. The winner of each category and the second most voted participant of each semifinal will qualify for the grand final.

Likewise, the final phase of the contest will have the incentive that it will be top-level chefs and popular figures related to gastronomy who will issue their verdict to decide the winners. The jury will evaluate the texture, the flavorthe originality and the presentation of the dry or honeyed rice that the participants cook, deciding who are deserving of the prizes and gifts of this edition.

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The grand final will be held within the framework of Alicante Gastronómica, with the adult category on Saturday, September 30, and the children’s category on Sunday, September 1. Both finals of the Best Mediterranean Rice Contest will take place at 12:00 in the Chamber of Commerce space.

Registration and information in this link.


The president of Alicante Gastronomica, Gem Love, has highlighted that the objective of this contest is to “promote the popular rice culture of our land, the recipe that is cooked daily in all our homes and which, in turn, has managed to be the best letter of presentation of our gastronomy in the world. It is a luxury to be able to meet amateur cooks who show us the peculiarities of each region when it comes to making good rice”.

«Rice is, without a doubt, the hallmark of our Community, and in Alicante Gastronomica -has continued Gema Amor- haute cuisine and the most popular cuisine go hand in hand to offer visitors the most complete gastronomic experience possible. A perfect combination for popular and professional.

The Contest for the Best Rice in the Mediterranean, sponsored by the Deputation of Alicante and the Costa Blanca Tourism Board, is organized by the Camera of Trade of Alicante, Fira Alicante (IFA) and Carrefour. Tescoma, Carmencita, Cepsa, Estrella Levante and Coca-Cola, together with the Carrefour Supermarkets in Finestrat/Benidorm, Torrevieja, Petrer, Elche and San Juan, collaborate in this popular contest.

Daily activities

In this V edition of Alicante Gastronómica, rice will also be the protagonist of daily activities with the Tribute to Rice that has been prepared in the IFA Central Costa Blanca Kitchen space. During the four days of Alicante Gastronomy, blue fish rice from the Lonja de Castelló with Miguel Barrera from Cal Paradís (Vall d’Alba, Castelló, 1 Michelin Star and 2 Repsol Suns), DOP Calasparra (Murcia) rice, with Sergio from the Order of El Mosqui (Cabo de Palos, Murcia, 1 Repsol Sol), the rice dishes from La Marina, with Sergio Box and Sonia Box (La Perla, Jávea, 1 Repsol Sol) or the Andalusian rice dishes by Diego René de Beluga (Málaga, Recommended Michelin Guide and Recommended Repsol) will be brought closer to the general public with exhibitions that will leave their mark.

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There will also be ‘Undressing Valencian Paella’, with vincent rioja (from the Rioja Restaurant, Benisanó, Valencia), Alicante rice with Antonio Pere Planelles Dársena Restaurant (Alicante) or Caldero de Tabarca (Mar Azul, Tabarca, Alicante. Solete Repsol Guide).

Tribute to Paco Gandía and Josefa Navarro

In this edition, Alicante Gastronómica will also pay homage to rice with vine shoots from paco gandia (Pinoso, Alicante). On the one hand, during Sunday’s day at the fair, visitors will be able to enjoy a demonstration in the central patio of the famous rice with rabbit and snails with vine shoots by Paco Gandía.

Thus, the Paco Gandía Restaurant (Pinoso, Alicante), which closed its doors last March, will also be the protagonist; and Alicante Gastronómica will pay a more than deserved tribute, promoted by Rafael Garcia Santosboth to the excellence and good work of Paco Gandía in the dining room and Josefa Navarro in the kitchen.

«It will be a well-deserved tribute to the greatest testimony of rice in Alicante in the last three decades. A thank you to a historical contribution, for making us enjoy a delicacy, which has become an icon of Alicante gastronomy: rice with rabbit and snails”, explains Gema Amor, president of Alicante Gastronómica.

Data from the V Edition of Gastronomic Alicante

• More than 100 Michelin Stars and Repsol Suns

• Haute Cuisine Masterclass

• 180 presentations and gastronomic workshops

• 15 professional contests

• 2 tasting and pairing rooms

• XVI Spanish Tortilla de Potatoes Championship, Tescoma Trophy, lomejordelagastronomía.com

• II National Congress of Potato Omelette by Rafael García Santos

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• The Corner of the Stars and the Suns

• The Island of Tapas

• Wine Tunnel with more than 150 references

• Greece as guest country

• Direct sale of products

• More than 250 exhibitors

• +65,000 visitors in 2022

• +36,000m2 in two pavilions

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