Riccardo Simonetti complains about his family: “My gayness was never talked about”

published12. May 2022, 16:10

In a round of talks, the 28-year-old criticized the Italian double standards when it comes to homosexuality – the influencer also mentioned his family’s misconduct.

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Riccardo Simonetti has been campaigning against homophobia for a long time.

Instagram / riccardosimonetti

Now the influencer spoke in a discussion with the “Zeit” magazine about the double standards that prevail in Italy when it comes to homosexuality.

Instagram / riccardosimonetti

The 28-year-old said: “My gayness was never talked about. There were no gays, I didn’t see any gays.”

Instagram / riccardosimonetti

  • Entertainer Riccardo Simonetti has been committed to the LGBTQ+ community for a long time.

  • In a round of talks with the “Zeit” magazine, the 28-year-old spoke about the double standard that prevails in Italy on the subject of sexuality.

  • While he’s been praised for his fashion sense in the country, he’s never been asked about his gayness: “There weren’t any gays, I didn’t see any gays,” according to the influencer.

  • He is also treated differently in his family because of his homosexuality.

  • However, since he supports his loved ones financially, they would “shut up”.

Riccardo Simonetti struggled with homophobia throughout his life. In conversation with the «Zeit »Magazine, the 28-year-old entertainer remembers: «Everything I was teased for at school in Germany, that I pay attention to my clothes and such, everyone in Italy thought it was great.» And yet, he couldn’t live it out and talk about his homosexuality: “There were no gays, I didn’t see any gays.” In his homeland, there has always been a “de-idealization”.

This mentality was also noticeable in his family: “My father – my parents are now separated – hardly ever spoke to me about my being gay,” says Simonetti. He was also afraid to tell his Italian grandmother about his friend Steven. However, his concern was unfounded – not least because he enjoyed a special status with his loved ones.

At the age of 16, Riccardo laid the foundation for his current career with his blog “The Fabulous Life of Ricci” – including his flashy appearance. In 2021 he blossomed into a crowd favorite in various TV shows, published various books and positioned himself as a bestselling author. He also has over 350,000 followers on Instagram. But the activist suspects: “If I went to university and was gay and looked the way I do, there would be more criticism from my family.” But because he can support his loved ones financially, they would “shut up”.

Private happiness in love

Despite all the difficulties, Riccardo Simonetti has always followed his own path. And the show all-rounder is also doing well privately. In early 2021, he made his relationship with Steven public with a kissing photo. Except for a few couple pictures, however, he keeps his partner away from the public. At the beginning of May, the two took the next step and moved into an apartment together in Berlin. The couple announced this with a photo on Instagram showing them in their – still – empty home.

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