Ricardo Cadena will remain as coach of Chivas

White smoke has risen from Verde Valle, Chivas you already have a technician for him Opening 2022 and it will be the continuity of Richard Chain on the rojiblanca bench, this, after the analysis made by the board of what the DT did in the 7 duels he led.

To the directive of Sacred Flock he liked the way Cadena recovered mentally and footballingly to the box from Guadalajarain addition to having a good performance with 5 games won, 1 tied and 1 lost in the 7 duels directed, which left him with an effectiveness of 76.20 percent.

The news of its continuity has already been released to Stringwho spoke of positions to be reinforced and that is when the high command bought Alan Mozo to be the new right back, they also have Fernando Gonzalez practically tied.

In addition to String, Chivas saw other technicians including the Uruguayan, Diego Aguirrewith whom there was a virtual meeting to learn about his project.

Now it will be a matter of String Confirm that the position is not too big for you.

What will Cadena’s duties be now that he has been ratified?

The first thing you should do Richard Chain as a technician Chivas will be to put together a competitive team, the Guadalajara He has time without fighting in an important way in the MX Leagueto the extent that his last Semifinal was played a year and a half ago with Victor Manuel Vucetich.

At least 3 registrations will have this table for the next tournament, a midfielder, a defender and looking for a strikerthe first two positions practically already have them.

Plan a very good preseason

The physical aspect is fundamental and for this reason, the time spent working in Christmas Island is basic in Chivas there, String Together with their coaching staff, they will have an important job that will be to provide in the background so that they can have a great Opening 2022.

In addition, start doing what you want on the court Stringat first it sounds difficult due to the hardness between the preseason and the holidays, but little by little you will have to achieve it.

Capture your idea on the field

goats with String part of the order with his line of five defenses and in this preparation Ricardo will have to work with his idea from now on and from the beginning it should be shown to confirm that he has a good job on the pitch.

Get into the top 4 and fight for 13

Chivas It’s been 5 years since he won his last league title, so he can’t accumulate so much time without lifting another trophy. So the Guadalajara must be all Opening 2022 among the first 4, and also forced to reach the Final and win the coveted title 13.



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