Rheinmetall: 29 Leopard tanks soon ready for action

Rheinmetall: 29 Leopard tanks soon ready for action

Updated on 01/24/2023 – 08:20Reading time: 2 min.

Leopard-type main battle tanks: photos show what the war machine can do. (Source: t-online)

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The armaments company Rheinmetall is preparing 29 Leopards for a ring exchange with NATO partners. However, the processing of further battle tanks takes time.

The Leopard battle tanks intended for so-called ring exchanges with Slovakia and the Czech Republic will be fully repaired in the spring. This is announced by the armaments company Rheinmetall. By the end of March, around 29 Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks were ready for use, which were intended for the ring exchange.

“These tanks belong to the federal government. They can do what they want with them,” said CEO Armin Papperger to “Stern”. On the other hand, a Rheinmetall spokesman told the “Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland” (RND) that the 29 ring exchange tanks would be “ready in April/May 2023”.


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Slovakia and the Czech Republic are waiting for tanks

The federal government has organized part of the military aid for Ukraine in its defensive struggle against Russia as an exchange with eastern NATO partners. These hand over weapons of Soviet design to the Ukraine and receive more modern replacements from Germany.

In the course of this so-called ring exchange, Germany promised Slovakia 15 and the Czech Republic 14 Leopard tanks. These are overhauled vehicles from Rheinmetall stocks. Both countries received their first vehicle in December. Most recently, pressure had grown on Germany to deliver Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

Shell moldy inside

Against the background of this debate, the Rheinmetall boss recently made headlines with the statement that repairing Leopard tanks from his stocks would take “almost a year.” Papperger said some people “got important things wrong”. “I spoke of the 22 Leopard tanks that are at Rheinmetall and belong to Rheinmetall. I’m sticking with it, they won’t be ready before the end of this year.” He explained the condition of the vehicles: “Some of these tanks stood there for ten years with the hatch open, they are moldy on the inside.”

The Rheinmetall spokesman told the RND about these 22 tanks: “Delivery would be possible at the end of 2023/beginning of 2024.” In addition, there are 29 Leopard tanks that are being worked on for ring exchange projects. “From Leopard 1 we could make 88 vehicles available,” he added. So in total there are 139 Leopard tanks. The mixed situation is “very volatile” due to the security policy framework, various forms of direct or indirect delivery and the changing priorities of orders. “It is therefore difficult, for example, to name specific periods for deliveries.”

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