Rewe, Edeka, Penny and Co.: THEREFORE, counters close earlier

Rewe, Penny and Co.: Service counters have to close sooner – the reason is worrying

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Cheap shopping: 10 tips for saving money in the supermarket

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Chaos is not only reigning at airports at the moment: Also in the supermarkets of rewe, Edeka, Penny and Co., it is not just inflation that is driving retailers to the brink of despair.

In countless branches throughout Germany, the emergency brake has been pulled for some time: in many places the cheese, sausage and bread counters are closing rewe, Edeka, Penny and Co. closed earlier. But now the markets are coming up with bad news: The critical conditions in Germany’s supermarkets will probably not change that quickly.

Rewe, Edeka, Penny and Co.: That is the reason for the drastic measure

In many shops you are currently greeted with the following message in the entrance: “We have to adjust our opening hours”. Customers turn their backs on many corners when they want to buy fresh bread, cheese or sausages in their supermarket in the afternoon.

The shortage of staff no longer stopped at the supermarket groups at the beginning of the summer holidays at the latest. The massive shortage of staff, numerous absences due to illness and the holiday season are forcing the operators to take drastic measures, reports “Focus Online”. “The shortage of staff at the service counters is hitting us with full force,” reveals a retailer at a Rewe market in Bavaria.

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Finding new specialists and assistants for the retail trade is currently becoming a mammoth task. The first branches in Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia and other federal states are now forced to no longer supply their customers with fresh goods from the service counter around the clock. They have to resort to packaged products instead.

Rewe, Edeka, Penny and Co.: Retailers want to prevent a wave of layoffs

“The fluctuation is huge,” confirms the purchasing manager of a large German discounter. To counteract this trend, retailers have already come up with something.

The minimum wage has been raised in many places. This kills two birds with one stone: “Big discounters like Lidl and Aldi pay above-average money, but ultimately you don’t get far in a big city even with a good salary.” Because not only the food prices, but also the cost of living are through Inflation has risen massively, reports “Focus Online”.


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It is not yet possible to say how long these violent conditions at Rewe, Edeka, Penny and Co. will last. In many places, customers have to be patient – and in many shops they have to make do with bread, cheese and sausage from the shelves and refrigerated counters. (lime)

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