The reward of $ 3,500 offered by the Police Department (NYPD) for the capture of the Dominican Bienvenido Rodríguez, extradited to New York for the 1996 murder of amateur basketball player Geovanny Malpica, It is the first to be paid in a foreign country, since the fund was created in 1983.confirmed Sergeant Carlos Nieves, spokesman in Spanish for the uniformed service.

The amount, which is paid through the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers, comes from the founding of the Police and contributions from unrelated entities, as well as donations from civil society and private companies.

“This is going to be the first time that the NYPD is going to pay a reward to a person who does not reside in the United States,” Nieves said, adding that the police are confident that this will not be the last time.

Since 1983, Stop Crime has paid out more than $ 3 million in rewards that have helped capture hundreds of criminal fugitives.

In Rodríguez’s case, the original reward was set in 1996 at $ 2,500, which is the first bid, and in 25 years it went up $ 1,000 more.

The spokesman Nieves said that the Dominican could be located thanks to the dissemination of the case three years ago in the media in the United States and the Dominican Republic.

He pointed out that the NYPD received numerous information in the Caribbean country about the whereabouts of Rodríguez, a place that has not been specified, and one of the confidences helped to find the exact point where the fugitive was hiding.

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He did not offer more details about the operation, but local New York media reported Monday that city police and the Dominican National Police participated in the capture.

“It is a case that occurred in July 1996 when two men had a dispute and one stabbed the other causing that person to die, the suspect fled the country, and went to the Dominican Republic,” added the spokesman in reference to the dispute. that Rodríguez and Malpica held for a woman.

“People in the Dominican Republic called, gave us information about where the suspect was and we were able to detain the individual,” explained Sergeant Nieves.

He also confirmed that Rodríguez had fled his native country to Chile from where he was deported.

The accounts on twitter, Instagram, facebook and other networks that the NYPD has, in addition to NYPD News, are instrumental on a daily basis for the location and arrests of criminals.

Thousands of videos, photographs and details about the cases are broadcast daily on these media.

Rodriguez was indicted Friday in Brooklyn Supreme Court on charges of second-degree murder and criminal possession of the knife he used to kill Malpica with two stab wounds.

The deceased was the first cousin of NYPD detective Alex Malpica who said Malpica’s family was very anxious about Rodriguez’s arrest.

“We are very happy that the family is finally getting some justice,” said Detective Malpica, who was not involved in the investigation.

“I spoke with my aunts and cousins ​​this morning. It’s a day they can’t believe I’m finally here after so many years.

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Malpica accused Rodriguez of sleeping with his girlfriend when the two began arguing on Dekalb Avenue in Brooklyn, police said.

The two quickly came to blows. Rodríguez chased Malpica down the street and plunged the knife into his victim’s chest, after the Puerto Rican hit him with a large radius.

The Dominican was quickly identified as Malpica’s killer and managed to leave the United States before he could be arrested.

For the next two decades, police chased Rodríguez around the world, tracing him to Chile and the Dominican Republic in 2018, police said at the time.

New York police detectives and Dominican authorities arrested Rodríguez, who was eventually extradited to the United States on Thursday night last week.

Wearing a gray hoodie, he was in court and was held without bail.

Malpica was a talented artist and amateur basketball player who had deep roots in his community, his first brother added.

“Everyone in the neighborhood knew him,” Detective Malpica said. It was that boy that everyone knew by name. They miss him a lot, “he added.


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