Revival of cotton cultivation: Media called to contribute

Revival of cotton cultivation: Media called to contribute

A discussion meeting with journalists, around the theme “ The press in contact with cotton », took place on Wednesday September 13 in Atakpamé, at the initiative of the National Federation of Cotton Producers Groups of Togo (FNGPC COOP-CA). The meeting, followed by a guided tour of the cotton fields in the Haho prefecture, is part of the revitalization of the cotton sector in Togo. The objective being to bring media players to better associate with the implementation of the awareness project to “ a new look at white gold » at the population level.

Journalists from the five regions of Togo took part, Wednesday in Atakpamé, in an open day jointly organized by the National Federation of Cotton Producers Groups of Togo (FNGPC COOP-CA) and the “Agri Média” communications agency. . A day marked by two major activities.

First, the stakeholders attended a lively conference in Atakpamé (Ogou), under the theme: “ The press in contact with cotton “. The organizers took the opportunity to present, in detail, the commitment of stakeholders in the sector, as well as the issues and challenges of the cotton sector in Togo.

The discussions focused on three communications relating to strategies that could lead actors in the sector to communicate usefully to speak the same language which could lead to the development and prosperity of the sector. The first communication entitled “ FNPC COOP-CA, a platform of cotton producers committed to the emergence of the cotton sector in Togo “, made it possible to see how to further strengthen synergy efforts that could lead to the best returns, to really allow populations to make a living from their work.

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Exchanges on the 2e communication relates to “ research efforts for the fight against the Jassides », a species of insects harmful to plant cultivation.

On the last point, the debates focused on “ The place of cotton in the national economy “. Communication which made it possible to understand that this cash crop pays a lot.

Indeed, according to the president of FNPC COOP-CA, Mr. Koussouwè Kroufei, the cotton sector plays an important role in the Togolese economy. “ Thanks to this culture, many household managers in rural areas eat their fill, provide for the needs of their families and thus participate in the development of their country. It is enough to devote yourself to the earth to know that happiness is also found in the work of the earth which does not deceive its companions “, he clarified. In this regard, he encourages journalists to support the cotton sector in growing, “ because useful information constitutes an input like fertilizer for plants ».

Production faces many challenges

Already at the opening of the meeting, Mr. Djobo Solizama, on behalf of the Minister in charge of Agriculture, indicated that cotton production has been declining in recent years, despite the efforts made in the sector. According to him, it increased from 116,576 tonnes in 2019-2020, and to 46,500 last campaign. “ Production is also faced with numerous structural challenges which include, among others, the non-performance of production systems, the low capacity of groups and the limited access of producers to agricultural and financial services. “, he clarified. He encouraged stakeholders to work hard to help the country emerge.

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Well before this conference, participants took a guided tour of cotton fields in Kpegbadjè and Agoto in Haho prefecture. This tour allowed us to get acquainted with the realities on the ground regarding cotton cultivation, its requirements and its opportunities.

Indeed, this day dedicated to the Togolese press was initiated in order to invite media people to further support the FNGPC COOP-CA and its partners in their efforts for the reorganization of cantonal activities in Togo. Given that the sector is buoyant on all levels (financial, job creation, etc.), the organizers intend to contribute to strengthening collaboration with State support structures for the sector. Thus, it was a question of seeing how the press can use its potential in the dissemination of useful information for the benefit of producers and all players in the sector. This is to better support the recovery of the sector, undermined by certain difficulties linked to attacks by insect pests.


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