Review: OPPO A76. How good is a $200 phone?


The price of a phone is largely determined by the hardware, and partly by the brand. We received the A76 from OPPO, a device that costs around 200 euros. This is not the top price for a phone. In this article, we look at whether you are getting value for money.

The way a phone is used has changed a lot in the past few years. These days you can play well on a high-end phone, and many other apps are no problem at all. It is very possible to break a lot of money on a device; devices with a price in the direction of two thousand euros are no longer an exception.

We’re not going to pass judgment on whether it’s worth spending that kind of money on a phone; it’s totally up to you. The A76 from this article has a very different price point. This means that the device does not have the very best technology on board. It’s all a bit more basic, and you notice it immediately when you take the device in your hand. It’s made of hard plastic and the weight of 189 grams means it’s definitely not the heaviest phone out there.

The IPS-based screen with a refresh rate of 60/90Hz is 6.56 inches in size. This makes the A76 a bit smaller than most modern phones. The number of pixels is not large: 1612×720. It also somewhat matches the modest performance of the Adreno 610 GPU of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 built into this phone. The brightness of the screen is a maximum of 600 nits, but under normal conditions it reaches 480. At least this is OPPO’s statement, because we measure a peak brightness that is somewhat higher; our meter reads 578 nits. The DCI-P3 color spectrum is covered for 96.4 percent. The variance is a bit too high, but as long as you’re not a high-end photographer or videographer, you probably won’t notice the subtle differences.



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