Revealing the price of the gold necklace that Nour Arida wore at the Cannes Festival… The number is fantastic!

Lebanese model Nour Arida dazzled the audience with her appearance at the Cannes Film Festival, and stole the attention with the golden piece that she put on her shoulders.
For this occasion, she chose a black dress from Jean Paul Gaultier, and shoes from the Jimmy Choo brand, but what caught the eye was the gold piece that Boucheron put on her shoulders.
It was made and executed by the creative director of Boucheron House, Claire Schwan. Its value is estimated at about 20 million, 741 thousand and 370 Saudi riyals, or about 5 million and 529 thousand and 956 US dollars. It is made of pure 18 karat gold, and it is studded with about 800 diamonds and weighs about 81 carats. It has 925 hours.


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