Return to Zizurkil and Julen Alberdi from Zizurkil to the court

At the initiative of Patxi Alkorta, it was once customary to watch the Bankoa-DV tournament rounds at the Intxaur pelota court in Zizurkil. Oinatz Gonzalez, who later worked in the repair shop, was injured once, and Salaberria was replaced by hawthorn in the last few minutes. There were five visits from 2005 to 2010.

Ten years later again in Zizurkil is the Bank-DV tournament. With two games, as always. In addition, the citizen will be judged in the second, Julen Alberdi. He will experience the competition between excitement and nervousness within himself. The festival will begin at 9 p.m.

Julen is not a relative of professional Jon Alberdi of Baiko. They have no family ties. He is a nineteen-year-old skilled and agile striker from Zizurkil. In fact He weighs about 60 pounds. Few. However, it fits well.

He is accompanied by the legendary Aratz Irazustabarrena, a boy born in 1998 with experience as an amateur. They are also playing together in the Gipuzkoa championship, as a couple of the Intxurre club.

Because they settle well on the front, they also have a game, because they have achieved good results… Alberdi and Irazustabarrena are the favorites against Enaitz Anso (Oronoz, 1998) and Manex Balerdi (Antzuola, 1999).

Balerdi is a strong boy, but he lacks continuity at this level, which is what the games provide. It’s not enough to play Irazustabarrena to play a dozen good points. It is advisable to double this number to get closer to victory. That’s what he needs to show. Anso will help him. Navarrese is fine, hardworking and well-defended.

Because they’ve played little in the last few months, at this point it is questionable what level they can give. In some cases references are missing. Workouts are an account. The competition leaves everyone in their place.

Young brothers in promises

Promising younger pelota players will open the festival. On the one hand, Iker Zubeldia (Altzo, 2002) and Mikel Etxeberria (Igorre, 2002); on the other hand, Iker Egiguren (Azpeitia, 2003) and Xhoe Lazkoz (Urtasun, 2003).

Mikel Etxeberria is Oier’s younger brother, who plays for Aspen, and he is also a defender with two tidy hands. Iker Egiguren, the brother of Julen from the same company, is a striker. Both have increased significantly in the last year. They carry the ball in their blood.