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The Medellin Lottery held a new edition on Friday March 10 in Colombia with a juicy jackpot in between. This is the opportunity you were waiting for to stop counting coins. It may be that your life has changed forever. If you bought your ticket, check the results, numbers drawn and jackpot winner.

Sport Results of the Medellín Lottery on 03/10

Jackpot: 60 16 12

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Travel bonus winner: Number: 601612

Sport Medellín Lottery: ticket of the week

Please note that the draw is held weekly on Friday nights at 11:00 pm In case it is a holiday, it will be rescheduled for the next business day. In addition, the results of the main games of chance that may generate new winners on that same date will be announced.

The reason behind this is because the incentives offered in the prize plans are highly tempting and the tickets are cheaper compared to other competing companies. On the other hand, this raffle is very popular because the funds obtained from it have had an important participation in financing various commercial activities beneficial to the country.

Sport What is the Medellin Lottery about?

The Medellín Lottery is the star product of the organization and is classified in the category of games of chance and luck as a traditional or ticket lottery. The game is based on matching all four figures and the Jackpot series, while the prize plan also offers other opportunities to win thanks to dry prizes and the payout of some Major Approximations.

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Sport What should I do if I win the Medellín Lottery?

To claim the prize, it is required to present the Single Tax Registry (RUT) certificate issued by the DIAN and a copy of the citizenship card. It is important to note that the lottery winner will not receive all of the prize money, since the DIAN will retain a part of the amount, as established.

As established in the Tax Code, the winner will be subject to the payment of taxes on occasional earnings, which represent 20% of the prize, in addition to the discount related to the 4×1,000 financial tax on the total value obtained.