Jalisco restaurants created an app that avoids increases in food commissions ordered by the federal government and that it operates alternately to large firms such as Uber Eats and Rappi.

For some years now, home delivery applications have become part of the daily life of food stores, they have gone from being a means of delivering food without the need to hire delivery people. to a showcase to make yourself known to a larger market.

As everything at the beginning seemed a good investment, but with the passage of time it stopped being profitable, currently in Mexico commissions within apps are up to 35 percent, to which are added the taxes implemented by the governmentTherefore, the sale by this means ceased to have an economic benefit for the restaurateurs.

According to a study carried out by the Mexican Online Sales Association (AMVO), during the health emergency caused by covid-19, 64 percent of respondents used an application to buy food online during the month of April, this despite a decrease of 35 percent for the months of May and June.

Online food purchases had a 10 percent increase in first-time customers during the determined third wave of the study which includes from May 15 to 22, 2020.

Given this situation and with a market increasingly used to buying food through applications, a group of eleven restaurateurs from Guadalajara, Jalisco, created the Local Menu application with the aim of seeking a joint benefit compared to the three opportunity areas within the platforms: restaurateurs, delivery men and end user.

In interview with MILLENNIUMKarim Barham Shahin, President of Local Menu, commented that one of his main objectives is to be able to generate a much lower commission of just 12.5 percent, this through inviting restaurant owners to become partners that can generate profits by investing in the platform, but also become disseminators of it.

“With a minimum of 500 restaurants per city, the same restaurants use their social networks, points of sale and their home delivery to disseminate the application and thus we do not have a significant expense in marketing issues, which reduces costs as an application ”He explained.

He also commented that they seek to open the door not only for restaurateurs, but also for those housewives who are interested in generating extra income through the sale of dishes through the platform, thus helping to generate income not only for restaurants but also for families.

Currently the project it has around 500 restaurants affiliated with the platform, which are located in 12 cities around the country, including Mexico City and Guadalajara, who await the launch of the platform next month.

Karim assured that his interest is not to unseat the platforms that are already operating in the market, but to be a complement to current companies.

“We want to be a complementary company to the market that already exists, but we also seek to generate greater profitability for restaurants,” he said.

He also explained that it is not only generating benefits for the restaurateurs, also benefit those distributors who join the platform offering them some legal benefits, this through the commissions withheld for being application workers, seeking in this way that both the restaurateur and the deliveryman are benefited, so that the client also does so.