Restaurant food, telephony and television

Despite being in preventive detention in the North Recluse for the alleged femicide of his wife Yrma Lydya, Jesus Ncontinues to enjoy some privileges such as food in restaurants, medicines, telephony, and television.

Journalist mario maldonado revealed these privileges in his most recent column “Stories of NegoCEOs” entitled “Politicians, lawyers, businessmen: their life in the North Reclusorio”.

In the text, it indicates that the former governor Javier Duarte, the lawyer Juan Collado, the businessman Alonso Ancira, the former director of Pemex Emilio Lozoya, the former senator Jorge Luis Lavalle and the most recent tenant of the North Prison, Jesus “N”they have access to food from restaurants, medicines, telephony and television.

In addition to receiving visitors. “A recent visitor to the Reclusorio commented that he saw him with another young womanwhom he received as a conjugal visit,” wrote the columnist for this publishing house.

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Jesús “N” will spend four months in preventive detention

On July 1, a control judge decided to link the lawyer to the process Jesus “N”, accused of murdering his wife, the singer Yrma Lydyainside a restaurant in Mexico City.

In that hearing, the alleged femicide was given an informal preventive detention and it was determined that the complementary investigation of the case would last four months.

The Public Ministry showed the judge security videos of the restaurant and other nearby establishments, and in them it was observed how —apparently— after committing the femicide, the lawyer Jesús Hernández Alcocer gave the firearm to
Benjamin, his escort, who in turn handed it over to a third person who is already wanted by the authorities, as he is accused of trying to lose the weapon, which was located days later by agents.

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This, as detailed, is a gold-plated pistol, easily identifiable, since the lawyer and alleged feminicide always carried it, wrapped, at the waist.

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