residents slept

residents slept

The police are currently on the heels of serial burglars: in the municipality of Radenthein, several houses were ransacked on Saturday night. The perpetrators stole a small amount of cash from a residential building. The residents who slept in the house did not notice the burglary.

Multiple crime scenes

In another burglary in the same residential area, unknown persons broke into a residential building after breaking a basement window, searched the premises and cupboards and stole cash and valuable jewelry. In this case, too, the resident slept on the first floor and did not notice the break-in. There was total damage in the low five-digit euro range.

As it became known on Sunday, the perpetrators also entered another residential building in Radenthein. They had forced open a terrace door and a cellar door. Cupboards and boxes in the basement living quarters were searched. According to the police, it cannot be determined for the time being whether something was stolen because the residents of the house are currently on vacation.

There are currently no clues to the perpetrators. Further investigations are being carried out.

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