The Ministry of Health of Bashkiria told how to distinguish coronavirus from influenza and SARS. This is written in the updated version of the guidelines for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of coronavirus infection, which was published by the regional department.

According to, which has read the document, the incubation period for COVID-19 can be from two to 14 days, but on average it lasts five to seven days. The duration of the incubation period for influenza and acute respiratory viral infections is no more than three days.

In addition, with flu, the disease develops sharply, and with ARVI and coronavirus, usually gradually. With coronavirus and flu, you can have a high fever, cough, and weakness. With ARVI, as a rule, fever and weakness are rare. Also, with ARVI and influenza, patients do not complain of shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. These symptoms are usually associated with a new coronavirus infection.

Earlier, wrote when collective immunity to coronavirus will be achieved in Bashkiria.

Gulfiya Galinurova

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