Researchers have named a vitamin that can reduce the frequency of migraine attacks

Vitamin D supplements can reduce the frequency of migraine attacks, according to a new study by doctors at Chongqing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Experts conducted a systematic review of randomized controlled trials examining the effects of vitamin D in migraine patients. The analysis included six studies in 300 adult men and women with recurrent headaches.

Vitamin D.


After analyzing research data, doctors found that the “sunshine” vitamin can reduce the number of migraine attacks by almost half. It also reduces the number of days during which migraine patients feel so unwell that they cannot go about their normal daily activities. Unfortunately, vitamin D has little to no effect on the severity of the headache and the duration of the attacks.

“Our analysis is based on only six randomized controlled trials, and they all have relatively small patient populations. Going forward, we are looking to further explore the effects of vitamin D on migraine patients through larger sample studies. ” – say the researchers.

Previously, wrote that a lack of vitamin D increases the risk of developing heart disease.


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