Researchers develop tests to detect cervical cancer more quickly | Health

Researchers from University College London and Universität Innsbruck have developed a new test method that can detect cervical cancer at an early stage. The guardian talk of a “revolutionary test”.

The new test can accurately determine when abnormal cells develop in women. These abnormalities can eventually lead to cervical cancer.

In addition, the test also recognizes signals from other common cancers, such as breast, uterine and ovarian cancer. In the future, the British and Austrian researchers’ test could also be used to detect these cancers at an early stage.

The new test is much better than existing methods for detecting abnormal cells in women. It also looked at women who carry the human papillomavirus (HPV) but do not have abnormal cells. The virus can lead to cervical cancer. In 55 percent of the subjects studied, it was possible to predict that abnormal cells would develop in the next four years.

“This new method is more specific and prevents a patient from being treated unnecessarily. This is good news for the prevention of cervical cancer and good news for everyone who needs to be screened,” said one of the researchers. The guardian.

According to the RIVM, around eight hundred people in the Netherlands get cervical cancer every year. About a quarter of them succumb to the disease.

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