Researchers create echoes from space

MIT researchers discovered echoes from multiple black holes. They converted them into audible tones – this is what a black hole sounds like.

This artist’s impression shows a black hole. – dpa


the essentials in brief

  • Researchers at MIT have detected X-ray echoes from black holes.
  • They converted the echoes into audible sound waves.

A black hole is known to let nothing out – not even light. However, researchers at MIT have found echoes from black holes.

For a study published in the Astrophysical Journal, they used a search tool called the “Reverberation Machine” to search satellite data for echoes from black holes. According to a statement from MIT, the scientists encountered eight new double star systems with echoes in our galaxy. So far only two of them could be discovered, which are now also audible.

This is what the echo of a black hole sounds like.

In fact, humans cannot hear them because they are X-ray echoes. However, in collaboration with MIT scientists in education and music, they managed to convert these into audible sound waves.

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