Rescue operation failed: lost beluga whale died

Status: 08/10/2022 11:58 am

The beluga whale, which got lost in the Seine near Paris, died. A few hours after he was freed from a lock, his condition deteriorated sharply. Doctors killed the animal.

The beluga whale that was stuck in a Seine lock in France for days has died despite a rescue operation. After its rescue, the animal’s breathing deteriorated noticeably during transport to a pool of seawater, the prefecture in Caen said. That’s why the whale was killed, said official veterinarian Olivet Courtois.

Only last night the four meter long and 800 kilogram male whale was pulled out of a lock with a crane in a six-hour rescue operation. He was then placed on a tray, where numerous vets took care of him immediately. However, they gave him only a slim chance of survival.

The secretary-general of the Eure prefecture, Isabelle Dorliat-Pouzet, said being transported in a refrigerated truck to the seawater basin in the Channel town of Ouistreham could cause stress in the animal, which could lead to death. The whale is “very underweight” and has “some injuries”. According to the marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd, the beluga suffered from severe digestive problems. It also explains why he hasn’t eaten more. Several attempts to feed the emaciated and weakened animal had previously been unsuccessful.

Stray beluga whale lifted from the Seine near Paris

Tagesschau 09:00 a.m., 10.8.2022

Beluga whales native to Arctic waters

The beluga was observed for the first time in the Seine on Tuesday last week and since Friday has been stuck in a lock in Saint-Pierre-La-Garenne, about 70 kilometers from Paris – 130 kilometers from the Seine estuary on the English Channel. . Beluga whales typically live in arctic waters off the coasts of Russia, Alaska and Canada.

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This is only the second time a beluga whale has strayed into France. The first time a fisherman discovered such an animal in his nets was in 1948 in the Loire estuary.



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