Rescue 177 cats from the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation | Video

Elements of the security force of Mexico City seized 177 felines, 17 monkeys, four canines, two coyotes and two donkeys after searching a property used as a refuge in the San Miguel Ajusco neighborhood, in the Tlalpan mayor’s office.

The property, located in the San Miguel Ajusco neighborhood, operated as a refuge under the name of Fundación Black Jaguar – White Tigerand is investigated for violations of land use and animal abuse.

in these actions About 60 members of the capital’s Security Secretariat participated who provided perimeter security, carried out preventive and reconnaissance patrols in the vicinity of the site, where the ministerial proceedings are carried out.

The personnel of the Animal Surveillance Brigade were instructed protect dogs and donkeys that presented conditions of mistreatment.

The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) will determine the destination and the conditions of transfer and protection of the wild fauna and exotic located on the property.

In recent weeks, the environmentalist Arturo Islas denounced the poor state of health in which the cats were in that place, known as the Black Jaguar – White Tiger Foundation.

They find a home for 200 abandoned felines at the Black Jaguar Foundation – White Tiger

Institutions of the Association of Zoos, Breeders and Aquariums of Mexico (AZCARM) will be in charge of the rescue, containment, transfer, management, rehabilitation and protection of the more than 200 wild specimens who are in a serious situation of abandonment and mistreatment at the Eduardo Mauricio Moises Serio Foundation.

During a meeting of officials representing various environmental agencies, it was agreed that the Association will be in charge of the rescue and protection of the big cats that are abandonedfor having the corresponding specialists and human resources and with the appropriate spaces.

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“The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection will give us the custody of the more than 200 animals among tigers, lions, jaguars, jaguarundis, pumas, lynxes, coyotes, spider monkeys and baboons found on the Black Jaguar – White Tiger property”.

“As we told the authorities, several of our institutions are already saturated with wild animals from various rescues, from the circuses to the hundreds of seizures of illegal trafficbut we cannot let these animals, many in danger of extinction, continue in these deplorable conditions of health and malnutrition, or that they continue to be slaughtered,” said Ernesto Zazueta.

He explained that before any action, it is very important that each specimen is reviewed by veterinary doctors specializing in felinesbecause in order to be able to move them, the animals must have certain physical conditions to withstand the journey, but he was optimistic because he said that with good immediate medical care and food, the vast majority of them will be able to recover quickly.

Zazueta Zazueta regretted that the justification and defense of Eduardo Serio, owner of Black Jaguar, is that after the pandemic his large donations have decreased he received 70 percent. He, well, he remembered that all the zoos and aquariums in the country had to be closed without receiving a single peso for many months and for that reason they did not let the animals die of hunger and in complete abandonment.

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The president of the AZCARM demanded an exemplary punishment to help curb illegal trafficking and trade, abuse and neglect wildlife in our country.



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