Cumhur Atar (34), who is married and father of 1 child living in Muratpaşa district, has recently been the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry over the Presidential Communication Center (CIMER) since he could not sacrifice victims throughout his life. She asked for sacrificial animals from Bekir Pakdemirli. Minister Pakdemirli did not reject Atar’s request and sent money to the Antalya Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry from his personal account and told him to provide his victim.

The ‘sheep of sheep’ sacrifice supplied by the Directorate was delivered to the Atar family today. With his wife Muradiye (28), son Murat Can (8) and his mother Hanife Aydoğan (55), Cumhur Atar handed over his victim from the Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Deputy Director Gökhan Karaca.


Gökhan Karaca, thanking Minister Pakdemir for his gift, said: “Our brother reached our minister through CIMER and said that he has not been sacrificing until now, and that he wanted to cut through our minister this year. Our minister also read this and returned us. He asked us to sacrifice with the money he sent. We took the victim and handed it over. May Allah accept. ”


Saying that he wrote to CİMER about 15 days ago, Cumhur Atar said, “I said that I have never sacrificed any victim. I requested a sacrifice. Thanks to them, this did not turn down what I wanted, it helped. God bless you. If God gives it, he will be my first victim. I would like to thank Bekir Pakdemirli and everyone who contributed. ”


On the other hand, Gökhan Karaca stated that there are 175 animal sales places and 470 slaughterhouses in the city, and 51 personnel will continue their inspections during the holiday. “I am one of our citizens, they must make an appointment at the places of slaughter and pay attention to the social distance. It is very hot in the weather, our citizens should not consume the animal immediately after cutting it and put it in a bag. Let them wait for a while. Then put them in the cooler, “he said.