Report on former president Felipe Calderón hospitalized for COVID-19

Felipe Calderón entered the hospital for COVID-19 (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The ex-president Felipe Calderon entered a hospital of the CDMX per box COVID-19. Although it was reported out of danger, will remain under observation.

On the afternoon of this Monday, June 7, a note from the newspaper The Herald of Mexico reported that the former national president entered the Hospital ABC de Observatorio around 1:00 p.m. (Central Mexico time) to be treated for the new strain of coronavirus; However, the symptomatic picture presented by the former militant of the National Action Party (PAN) was not listed as serious.

After the media report, the former president of Mexico from 2006 to 2012 came out to clarify his situation via social networks and confirmed that it is part of the monitoring of his treatment and that he is out of danger.

“Given the COVID that I suffer, I came to the hospital to carry out studies and follow up on my health, which is progressing well, my oxygenation is good, the prognosis is favorable and my spirits are better given the results of Sunday. That they do not distract us from the serious problems in Mexico “

Margarita Zavala pointed out that her husband could not go out to vote, but that he is in good health (Photo: Infobae)
Margarita Zavala pointed out that her husband could not go out to vote, but that he is in good health (Photo: Infobae)

Prior to this, Felipe Calderón was already active in networks and wrote on his official Twitter account that “it would be good to publish the comparison of deputies obtained by Morena by himself and in coalition between 2018 Y 2021 to illustrate the point the reporter makes ”, referring to Monday’s morning conference when a communicator questioned AMLO on the results that the PREP has delivered in the elections on Sunday, June 6.

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During the morning, they asked López Obrador if he sees how “A kind of punishment” the result with the possible loss of seats in the Federal Chamber of Deputies and mayoralties in Mexico City. To which the president in turn replied, regarding the Lower House, that it is not a loss because it may, thanks to political alliances, the 4T got more militants, although they do not belong to Morena.

Regarding the defeat of Morena and his allies in the various capital city halls, the Tabasco denied that this happened and said that he will wait for the National Electoral Institute (OTHER) finish the official vote count in order to make a value judgment.

In addition to this, half an hour before he published that against the president of Tabasco origin, he retweeted a video of Margaret Zavala, who is emerging as a future federal deputy representing the District 10, which encompasses the capital demarcation of Miguel Hidalgo, with which it would displace Javier Hidalgo, from National Regeneration Movement (Brunette).

Neither Calderón nor Zavala have confirmed admission to the hospital (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Neither Calderón nor Zavala have confirmed admission to the hospital (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

It should be remembered that the June 1, Felipe Calderón reported sick from the new strain of coronavirus. Likewise, he explained that the symptomatic picture he presented was less, so it did not seem necessary at that time to go to a medical institution.

“I share that I i did a COVID test and it came out positive. Fortunately the symptoms are mild and I am fine, I am isolated and at rest. An apology for not being able to accompany you in your campaign closings. You have to go vote on Sunday and block authoritarianism, “he said on social media.

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On election day, Zavala Gomez del Campo referred for microphones Millennium Television that the former president is in good health; However, due to his infectious capacity at that time, it was impossible for him to go out onto the streets to exercise his right to vote.

“(Felipe Calderón is) fine, could not go to vote, poor thing, he must have suffered a lot. Fortunately it’s okay, with the normal follow-ups, they are checking it, that takes a while, but with few symptoms, “he told the news television station.


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