According to the “Business Insider”, there are almost 50 hours of audio recordings by a group project group about the conflict with the supplier Prevent. The VW team is said to have planned to boot Prevent.

During the yearlong conflict between Volkswagen and the supplier Prevent, internal meetings of the VW group were apparently recorded, such as the business magazine Business Insider reported. The so-called “VW Tapes” by the medium are said to comprise almost 50 hours of audio recordings.

The Bosnian supplier of transmission and seat parts had accused VW of using its monopoly position to lower prices and put pressure on suppliers. The collaboration between VW and Prevent ended in 2018 after a long legal dispute.

The “VW Tapes”, from which the magazine quotes, and several excerpts from project slides and agendas that it shows suggest that VW worked in 2017 and 2018 in a specially created secret project group to boot Prevent and to promote the separation from the supplier.

According to the business magazine, VW declares that it has no knowledge of the recordings. The group said about the project group: “The internal project team at that time had the task of averting further damage from the company, its customers, employees and suppliers. There was an open discussion about all possible solutions.”