Report: Daimler wants to sell several stores and workshops

The automaker Daimler is considering the sale of its branches in Great Britain, Spain and Belgium. So the company could make up to a billion.

Daimler plans to sell its UK, Spain and Belgium offices, according to a newspaper report. The automaker currently owns more than 25 stores, showrooms and workshops there, in which around 2,800 people work, the “Handelsblatt” reported on Monday. Daimler confirmed to the newspaper that it was considering a sale.

Citing industry circles, it was said that the company could earn up to one billion euros through sales to independent dealer groups or investors – 30 to 40 million euros per location.

The company told the “Handelsblatt” that a sale did not mean that the branch would be closed. “In the possible discussions with interested parties, the long-term business success and the continuation of the Mercedes-Benz activities there at the locations will have the highest priority.” Most of the Daimler branches are already managed by external dealers.


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