REPORT CARD Lazio – Sampdoria: Magician with a complete repertoire! Patric crushes, R1 Lazzari

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STRAKOSHA 6.5: It does not have to carry out extraordinary interventions, reactive yes. He is ready on the conclusions in the mirror of the Sampdoria players. He also needed a jolt after Spezia-Lazio.

LAZZARI 7: R1 gets stuck and never stops. Coast to coast. At whatever cost, that action, Luis Alberto certainly could not spoil it. He transforms a restart of Sampdoria into the doubling of Lazio: slalom with the turbo on before giving the golden ball to the Spaniard. It has become a strength, rather than a question mark.

Dal 78′ HYSAJ 6: Not to be bad. A few minutes and Quagliarella narrowly missed the 2-1, escaping his radar. He makes up for it by rejecting the left of the same attacker with his body a minute later.

PATRIC 7: He slaps his hand on his chest as if to say “yes, I unlocked it”. He puts down a game in which Sampdoria had decided to hole up all in their own half. It is the episode that changes the score by writing it in favor of biancoceleste. Not only that: in the second half he rejects with good sense of position two crosses in a row arrived from the right. Especially that of Bereszynski could reopen the game.

UNERBI 6.5: Whistled only to the reading of the formations, then plays a very good game without the weight of the controversies of the last months. He responds with a convincing performance. A pinch of enthusiasm is also thanks to him for the decisive goal scored at La Spezia.

MARUSIC 6.5: Careful in the penalty area, pragmatic ball and chain. Game under control, Candreva on that side puts a couple of dangerous crosses, but all in all he limits him well.

MILINKOVIC 7: Continuous Showtime. He is one of the best in the field even when he takes a pause for reflection away from the scorers’ table. Dominator of the midfield: tears balls and wins tackles, sews the game and invents with the outside (of both feet). Star player, out of category.

CATALDI 6.5: Good performance, confirmed for the second time in a row in the starting block. He agrees to Sarri making himself appreciated in the ball game. He always speeds up the action, allowing himself the luxury of a tunnel on former teammate Candreva, receiving the ovation of the Lazio players in the stands.

From 65 ‘LEIVA 6: The challenge is downhill when called upon. She acts like him with a cigarette in her mouth.

LOUIS ALBERTO 7.5: Stop, sole, dribble, feint, tunnel. All within a few moments to create the extraordinary 2-0. He goes out and gets the deserved standing ovation. Not only for the fantastic goal, which is the icing on an already tasty cake with continuous insertions and illuminating touches.

Dal 77’ BASIC 6: A blow from the outside, easier tasks with Lazio at 2-0.

FELIPE ANDERSON 6: So much sacrifice, he lacks the decisive play in the Sampdoria penalty area, the assist he has often found in this championship. The spirit is still the right one.

IMMOBILE 6: It does not find the way to the door, and this is already sensational news. Nice to think that he kept the goals for the last two days, today the plays of his teammates were enough to solve the practice.

ZACCAGNI 6.5: The match with the Spezia has rekindled him, he has come out of the fogging period. Nothing sensational, but much more inside the match than in previous matches. Harassed with fouls, again this time. Active until the time of the change.

From 83 ‘ROMERO sv

ALL. SARRI 6,5: Victory centered and Monday to be spent on the sofa watching Fiorentina-Roma with interest. Lazio risks only in the final, for the rest they make their own and rise to +3 on the Giallorossi.

Written on 7/05/2022



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